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I-Form Training

Personal training for less!

If your budget does not allow for one-on-one training, we are the first facility to incorporate the latest computerized technology.

The IFORM allows us to offer an affordable personal training option. Through a dedicated Internet connection, the IFORM (which takes the place of 7 functional strength training machines), delivers a client’s workout (personally designed by a certified personal trainer and based on each client’s personal needs and goals as determined by a comprehensive fitness assessment). Every exercise in the routine is demonstrated on the I-FORM’s touch screen monitor by a live model; in the order they are to perform them, with audio instructions.

The IFORM tracks, displays and records the user’s sets, reps, and weight used. The IFORM Internet Portal allows access to the client, trainer and/or doctor (on any computer) to log in and view routines and/or check progress. All IFORM training is monitored by a certified personal trainer. The trainer can create, change and modify workout routines when needed. The IFORM video library contains almost 200 exercises. These features make IFORM a great option for any fitness goal, and a particularly great option for post rehabilitation.

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